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Memorandum of Understanding Between Kansas PRIDE Program and your community

The Kansas PRIDE Program Agrees to:

  • Provide networking opportunities for volunteers from local PRIDE communities at the local and state level as well as through electronic media.
  • Provide recognition opportunities for volunteers from local PRIDE communities in annual review, certificates and grant funds when applicable.
  • Provide educational opportunities for volunteers from local PRIDE communities available from a variety of sources.

The local PRIDE Community agrees to:

  • Annually enroll in the PRIDE Program by completing all required forms.
  • Complete a community assessment every 3-5 years. (COE only)
  • Identify and complete community projects that contribute to the improved quality of life.
  • Identify measurement tools and measure success that is reported through the quarterly reports.

By completing the enrollment process this Memorandum of Understanding is agreed to by all parties.